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With all the programs and treatment options out there, it is hard to know what to do.    We believe that there are 3 pillars to effective programs:

1. Home Environment

Students with ADHD and other learning differences tend to be very creative, divergent thinkers, but lack the executive function skills to get things done.   By optimizing the home environment (organization and routines), you can help provide the external structure to help your child be successful.   We offer parent courses (live and online), one-on-one coaching for parents, and support groups for parents.   

2. Cognitive and Executive Function Skills Training

Underlying the symptoms of inattentiveness, hyperactivity, impulsive and even difficulty with reading, writing and mathematics are weak, cognitive skills such as working memory, processing speed, focus, and attention, and auditory and visual processing.   By strengthening these cognitive skills, learning becomes easier and more efficient.  We offer the Launchpad Brain Training program, Rocket Booster Reading program. and one-on-one academic coaching.   

3. Self-Esteem Enhancement

Dr. William Dodson reports that children with ADHD receive 20,000 more negative messages that their peers by 12 years of age.   Given this, it is easy to see why so many children with ADHD and other learning differences learn to dislike school.   By helping students build confidence and self-esteem, they come to believe that they can be successful and work harder to reach their goals.   We offer workshops and support groups for students.   

All programs begin and end with an assessment so that you have an objective measure of your child's progress.

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"This class helped me be organized and study better in class. My grades have also improved after I used what we learned. With the planner and calendar, I wrote my assignments and tests. At the start of the class, I wrote down goals and I reminded myself of these and am working toward them."

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