Help students Improve: 

  • focus and attention
  • processing speed
  • working memory
  • long-term memory
  • auditory processing
  • visual processing
  • logic and reasoning
  • planning and prioritization
  • emotional control


and most of all....


confidence, motivation & self-esteem.

What is included?

Upon completion of our academic coach certification program, you will receive academic coach certification through the Academic Coaches Association of America and will be included in the directory.   

You will learn everything you need to know about child development, best practices for helping students improve executive function skills (memory, focus and attention, planning and prioritization, organization, time management, impulse control, etc.)  You will be licensed to offer our unique Launchpad Cognitive Skills training program, Rocket Booster Reading program. Magnetic Math program, Better Buddies Social Skills program and Voyager Academic Coaching program.   

Training is broken into short video segments, making it easy to fit coursework into your busy day.    

Finally, business building and marketing information and training is included.   


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