Brain Training

We offer the launchpad cognitive skills training program for ages 7 years and older.   

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Is your child struggling in school?

You may have already tried tutors and found that there were no lasting results.   Grades improved, but as soon as you stop using the tutor, grades fall again.   That is because the tutor did not address the underlying weak cognitive skills that made the learning difficult for your child in the first place.   Our brain training program strengthens skills such memory, processing speed, attention, auditory and visual processing, and logic and reasoning so that learning becomes easier and more efficient.   

How does brain training work?

Our program consists of more than 30 exercises that are done one-on-one with a coach so that students can get immediate feedback.   This gives maximum improvement in the shortest time.

As a child progresses through a procedure, tasks are added to it requiring greater attention and forcing new skills to become automatic. Also, once the child achieves a task, distractions are added again forcing greater attention. 

The results have been outstanding. Students average over 3.6 years improvement in all deficient skills within 12 weeks! 

Warning, This takes work!

To get these significant improvements requires work on the child and parents part. Brain training requires at least five hours of intense training per week.   Yes, big results require big effort!


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