Are Expensive SAT and ACT Preparation Programs Worth the Price?

Are SAT/ACT Preparation Programs Worth the Expense?

The pressure is on high school students to get higher and higher standardized test scores to gain admission into top schools (many of which are public universities).   Many sign up for expensive test preparation programs (some as much as $1,800) and take both the SAT and ACT four or more times each in hopes of raising scores by even a few points.   Is the cost to you as a parent and stress to your teen worth it?   

Does a prestigious school pay off? 

First of all, if the goal is to attend an elite school, think carefully about your reasons.   If you want your teen to attend an elite school because you believe their earning potential will be greater upon graduation, think again.   The Wall Street Journal reports that there can be a big difference in earning potential for liberal arts, or even business majors, but for those majoring in fields such as education, science, math, engineering, or...

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