Helping Your Child Learn to Recognize and Read Social Cues

Uncategorized Mar 17, 2019

How do you teach your child to read social cues?

Role playing and practice is so important

There are several aspects to social cues:  

1.  Voice pitch and tone - Explain that words mean different things depending on how they are said,  and then play a game.    Use a nonsense word and say the word as a question, as a statement, as if you are angry, and get your child to guess what you are trying to convey.   Then, switch, and you guess what he is trying to convey.   

Using apps such as conversation coach or teach emotions can also be helpful.  

2.  Body Language and Facial Expressions

Using apps such as Training Faces or emotions flash cards can help with recognizing and interpreting facial expressions.   

3.  Personal space

Show your child what too close feels like by walking toward them until it feels uncomfortable, which is 18 - 24 inches for most people.   Then show them what 18 - 24 inches looks like and have them walking toward you and stopping at the right distance.   Make it a game.    Another way to judge distance is that it’s usually about an arm’s length away.    Explain that some people need more space than others, so if someone starts to back up, they are probably feeling uncomfortable, and you should stay where you are, and let them have a bigger bubble.  


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