Exercise and Meditation to Control ADHD Symptoms

Uncategorized Mar 17, 2019

ADHD can make it hard for children to pay attention, control their emotions, and finish tasks.

Often kids are given stimulants or other medications to control symptoms.  These medications work by increasing the availabiity of dopamine in the brain.   But did you know that exercise and meditation will cause the brain to release chemicals called neurotransmitters (such as dopamine), and can naturally help with attention and clear thinking, as well?    Not only that, but exercise and meditation can Ease stress and anxiety, enhance working memory, and improve impulse control.


I often hear from ADHDers that they have too many thoughts running through their head or that they can’t sit still long enough to meditate.   But, You can practice meditation in a variety of ways.   You do not have to be in a lotus position to meditate.   You could try a walking meditation or meditate through yoga. 

There is another Alexa briefing that has a short 2 - 3 minute daily meditation or relaxation and affirmation session for children.   It is called Affirmations for Children with ADHD that you can use, or you can download a longer meditation here:   https://www.adhdinstruction.com/pl/50420

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