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Meet Our Coaches  

Malea Ingram

I am a life long educator, and more importantly life long learner, from Granbury TX, I share the same passion all teachers and parents share; a passion for helping kids reach their full potential, I spent thirty years teaching everything from elementary PE to english at an at-risk high school. I am most excited about working for mission life success because as a teacher I saw the need for cognitive training, now I am blessed to have the chance to address many of the problems I saw as a teacher and make the future generations stronger.

Michelle Ladd

I am a Special Education advocate with a desire to help others. I spent 15 years teaching Special Education in the public-school system and recently started my own business in order to help families of children with Special Needs. She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in Education. 

I am excited to be a coach at Mission Life Success because this program compliments advocacy extremely well; beyond this I have a strong desire to help others blossom into the person they were meant to be.

Kimberly Northup

I am an accountant by trade but an educator by passion, I began teaching childhood music nearly thirty years ago, this led to part time substituting and then full blown teaching. 

I am the mother of three young adults who all struggled with learning differences, and after tens of thousands of dollars sunk into tutors and coaches nothing seemed to work, so over the past six years I have developed and implemented a system that addresses the causes of learning differences and strengthens the brain instead of just masking deficiencies through memorization or other impractical means.


Mission Statement

Mission Life Success is dedicated to helping children reach their full potential as human beings and to helping parents enjoy their uniquely brilliant children.  


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