A family approach to conquering ADHD!

Is your child struggling in school and in life?

Are you at your wit's end worrying that your smart but scattered child won't get into the college they want, and once they are there, won't be successful?  Are you tired of the daily arguments about homework?  

Does your heart ache because you know your child's self-esteem suffers because his or her grades don't reflect their intelligence and effort?  

Perhaps you find yourself doing more and more - volunteering at school, for sports teams and other extracurricular activities because you want to make sure that their teachers know that you are doing everything you possibly can to help your child.  

I have been there! Over the years, my husband and I spent close to $100,000 on tutoring, paid school academic support programs, private school tuition, educational evaluations and testing, academic coaches, counselors, and more, only to find that no real or lasting progress was made. I finally realized that it was up to me to put the pieces together to find a permanent solution. The program I have put together is the culmination of over 13 years of research.   Now, I want to share what I have learned with you so that you can experience success sooner rather than later. 

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‚ÄčI am a Texas certified teacher in general and special education, and I also hold advanced level certification as an  academic coach. In addition, I am licensed to offer the PACE brain training program, as well as the Master the Code reading program.   Finally, I am certified to teach Jack Canfield's Success Principles.   I have 2 adult daughters and one adult son. Two of my children were diagnosed with various learning differences which they overcame to become very successful young adults. I also have ADHD and I have the unique perspective of having looked at ADHD through the eyes of parent, student and teacher.   

Find out more about me, my family and why I started Mission Life Success.


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